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Site-wide Display
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  • 3 months $50
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  • 12 months $170

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  • 3 months $25
  • 6 months $40
  • 12 months $7

Weekly Newsletter
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No refunds will be given for early cancellation. If the site should experience downtime, a refund can be requested for a prorated amount in line with the time the site was down.

Formats and Placement

  • Site wide & single page/event: either  a 300 x 300 px or 468 x 60 px banner ads are currently supported.
  • Newsletter: 130px wide ad x any height between 100 and 500 px.

The site will not be oversold. No NASCAR car here. Only a few relevant adds alongside related content. I reserve the right to refuse service to ads deemed inappropriate.


The site is on page 1 for at the search terms: “south florida race” and “south florida running” among other.  Feel free to contact me for specific metrics.

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